NOTE: - These courses are roll on and roll off, do not worry about course dates the college will talk you through your options once you register.

If you are looking to improve your English, our Functional Skills English courses will give you all the tools to succeed, as well as providing you with a recognised qualification.

To ensure you receive the highest quality learning, we provide a range of support and teaching techniques to help improve your existing level. This qualification is provided by TCHC.

You will have three sessions a week to complete your qualification including exam support at the end of which you will gain a recognised qualification in Maths and/or English

  • Remote delivery using online platforms

  • Tutor led online classroom lessons

  • One-to-one Tutor support sessions

  • Access to our online learning platform and resources

  • Full exam support

  •  Study in your own time at your own pace

You will be contacted by the education provider to complete an initial assessment to ascertain your learning learning, this is not an exam its purely to make sure we get you on the right course.

Initial assessments are a necessary part of the funding requirement.

If you need more information contact london@tchc.net or if you ready to book go to book now