National Education

A Word from Our Director of Education


Jim Mowatt

Director of Education - Unite the Union

Niels Bohr, Nobel Prize winning Physicist pronounced that ‘Production is easy; it is predicting the future which is difficult!’

Certainly none predicted the global havoc of Covid-19. In UNITE education we have responded to this crisis by examining ways to deliver our vast programme of education courses, to our members and representatives for whom trade union education is important, even essential for them to undertake their role of an UNITE rep. Essentially the education NEEDS of our reps have not changed. How we in UNITE education meet YOUR needs has to change. And we have.

Throughout the remainder of this year – and perhaps into 2021 – we shall be exploiting the latest technology to deliver the full range of UNITE courses available to you by Virtual Teaching in virtual classes.

Your legal entitlements as an UNITE Accredited Rep will be enforced by your union to ensure that you will have time off with pay to study – no matter if you are learning in a building with built in social distancing elements or whether you are studying at home.

UNITE education will continue to do what we have always done – design and deliver relevant courses to meet YOUR needs.
As a democratic, member led union, we shall continue to put union resources into your priority areas, providing accredited ‘fit for purpose’ education programmes that are easily accessible, cater for different learning styles and are free to access all over the UK and Ireland. Take advantage of our courses and please take care and stay safe.

And enjoy yourself.