National Education

A Word from Our National Team

Unite is committed to providing a full set of educational courses in each region and nation of the Union. Please refer to the programme of courses in your region and once you have completed regional stages, 1 and 2, Unite’s national residential course programme is designed to provide further development and specialist courses for you.

Some courses are designed as advanced courses for experienced, senior, or individual reps who wish to advance their knowledge, skills and confidence in various areas of interest. The course description gives you an outline of what the courses entail. If you are unsure whether you will benefit from attending these courses, please discuss this with your Regional Officer or Regional Education Officer for advice as to whether to apply for such training.

Unite is committed to making reasonable adjustments to ensure equal access to education courses for members with disabilities. Please complete the form setting out your disability access requirements at the back of brochure and submit with your application form.

Please complete the national course application form either online: or use the form enclosed at the end of the brochure.

This programme includes our national equality leadership courses which are designed as a positive action measure to develop the leadership skills and provide a voice for underrepresented workers in our Union. Please take note of the eligibility requirements to attend these courses.

Our National Women’s Week is for Women Reps, and our National Black and Asian Leadership Development course is for Black and Asian reps only. For more information about these courses please contact our National Equality Officers at [email protected] or Regional Women and Equalities Officers and they will be able to assist you.

National residential courses will begin at 15:00 hrs on the first day and finish with a session on Action Plans at noon on the last day.

Delegates are expected to be present for the full duration of the course. As this is a residential course all accommodation, meals are provided at the venue.

You will appreciate that being residential students are expected to participate in a couple of evening sessions which are less formal.

Siobhan Endean 

Acting Director for Education