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Unite’s commitment to delivering courses recognises the different circumstances in which our reps find themselves. This is why there are various modes of delivery for the same course. Residential courses are for those who simply cannot dovetail into our regional provision whether that is for geographical or domestic or other reasons. Our normal practice for national residential courses, held in The View Hotel, Eastbourne or other venues to be confirmed, kick off at 15:00 hrs. on Monday and finish with a session on Action Plans at Noon on the Friday. You will appreciate that being residential students are expected to participate in a couple of evening sessions which are less formal.

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Core Programme Offer

These courses are offered for those representatives who cannot access the same courses within their region. The regional programme should be your first port of call before applying for the residential courses.

Workplace Representatives

As an elected Workplace Representative it is essential you access your initial training as soon after election as possible. Your initial training consists of Module 1A and 1B. It is best to book both courses at the same time to ensure you have a place reserved on each course.


Workplace Reps Module 1A - 5 Day Residential

Course description:

This course is designed to be the core initial training for Unite workplace reps. The course covers the wide range of knowledge and skills needed by the new Rep including:

• Key skills for organising your workplace

• Handling discipline and grievance cases

• Communication skills

• Introduction to Employment Law Equality at Work

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Workplace Reps Module 1B - 5 Day Residential

Course description:

For reps who have completed Module 1A.

This course covers:

• Evaluating and assessing your experience since the Stage 1 course

• Understanding the concept of ‘good work’

• Understanding and dealing with Issues around Dignity and Respect in the workplace

• Problem solving skills

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Health & Safety Representatives

As and elected Health & Safety Representative it is essential you access your initial training as soon after election as possible. Your initial training consists of Module 1A and 1B. It is best to book both courses at the same time to ensure you have a place reserved on each course. 

Health & Safety 1A - 5 Day Residential

Course description:

This course is the essential course for all new Unite Health and Safety Representatives. It is designed to help you build the skills, knowledge and confidence to organise effectively in order to carry out your work as a Safety Rep as well as to create understanding of how economic and others aspects affect the working lives, health, safety and welfare of working people.

The course covers:

• Understanding the role of a Unite Safety Rep

• The legal framework of Health and Safety

• Rights of Safety Reps

• Involving the members in Health and Safety

• Accident Investigations – Risk Assessments

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Health & Safety 1B - 5 Day Residential

Course description:

The course develops the skills and knowledge learnt in Module 1A:

• Examining your workplace risk assessment and evaluating them

• Understanding health & safety audits and company accident statistics

• Appreciate health & safety legislation including aspects of criminal and civil law

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Additional Training

These courses are open to representatives who have completed their initial training for their role. We offer a wide range of additional courses open to representatives. You may find some of these suitable for enhancing your existing skills. Applications will be directed to your Regional Education Department checking and authorisation before a final place allocation is made.

Young Members School - 5 Day Residential

Course Description:

Retired Members School - 5 Day Residential

Course Description:

Pre Retirement Seminar - 4 Day Residential

Course Description:

Pensions Stage 2 - 5 Day Residential

Course description:

Stage 2 of the pensions course looks at trustee decision making, the role of the actuary, fund investment strategies, negotiating pension issues and pension disputes resolution.

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Dealing with Redundancy - 5 Day Residential

Course Description:

Organising and Bargaining in a Global Economy - 5 Day Residential

Course Description:

The Information and Consultation of Employee Regulations - 5 Day Residential

Course Description:

Incident Management and Investigation - 5 Day Residential

This course is designed to enhance the skills of experienced Health & Safety Representatives who have completed all elements of their Core Training.

Course Description:

European works Council Course - 5 Consecutive Days Residential

Course Description:

Harmful Gambling

This short training session is designed to introduce students to the topic of harmful gambling.

The session will cover the following topics and more: - 

  • The Unite Gambling Charter

  • The effects of harmful gambling

  • Getting support

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Neurodiversity in the workplace

Who is this course for?

This course is for all union representatives, equality officers and other members who want to find out more about autism (including Aspergers), neurodiversity and the workplace.

To gain confidence in promoting equality in the workplace for people who are neurodiverse.

Learning Outcomes

  • To evaluate myths about autistic people and others who are neurodiverse

  • To describe issues that affect autistic and other neurodiverse people at work

  • To describe how the law can be used to promote equality for people with autism in the workplace.

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Stress management and well being

Stress management and wellbeing are key issues for all our reps. Please come along and learn about what the union
can do to help, and how you can monitor your own and your members stress and well being. 

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National Equalities Courses

Equality main

The Unite National Equalities Team offer a wide range of training aimed at our Representatives from minority groups.

Supporting LGBT+ Members in the Workplace


Supporting LGBT+ Members in the Workplace 

Date:  15th   – 19th February 2021
Venue: TBC

This course is part of the Unite the Union’s commitment to ensuring that underrepresented groups in our membership such LGBT+ members are encouraged to be more involved and active in the union; as workplace reps, committee members, senior negotiators, conference delegates, full time officers and learning organisers. 

This course is for workplace representatives and branch officials defining themselves as LGBT+. This course is also for workplace reps and branch officials who want to support LGBT+ equality in the workplace.

This course aims to make a positive contribution to Unite Strategy for Equality Agenda

  • By raising awareness of key issues for LGBT+ workers
  • Empowering and encouraging Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Trans+ individuals and groups to get involved in their union
  • To supporting workplaces and communities through campaigns for equality and genuine opportunity of access for LGBT+ people.

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Black Asian Ethnic Minority BAEM] Leadership Course

BAEMLflyer 2022


Black,Asian Ethnic Minority [BAEM] Leadership Course

14th-18th JUNE 2021

A course designed for Unite Black and Asian Ethnic Minority workplace representatives and branch officials, to fully understand the Trade Union and Labour Movement. This course will empower workplace reps to build their confidence and progress by identifying effective ways and methods to encourage Black and Asian Ethnic Minority members to get involved in Unite.

The course covers the skills needed in the workplace, in the union, at conference and in the wider Labour Movement, at all levels, to build involvement and take action for Race Equality.

This course positively encourages applications from black and Asian ethnic minority women

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Faith Workers New Reps Induction Course

Dates Advertised for April, May and July starts

Course description:

Who should attend?  

This course is designed for new representatives or those who have not received training in the last five years. The course is the induction for all workplace representatives, health & safety representatives, learning representatives and equality representatives. 

What will I learn? 

The course covers a number of topics to prepare you for your role as a Unite representative.

  • Roles and Responsibilities 

  • ACAS and other legislation - know your rights

  • Unite structures and where you fit in 

  • Understanding risk assessment and why it’s every reps responsibility 

  • Giving members information, advice and guidance 

  • Why recruit members? 

  • Understanding the Equality Act 2010 

  • Knowing your agreements and the Unite Broad Industrial Strategy 

  • Introduction to leadership 

  • Our history - research and presentation skills 

  • Note taking 

  • Interviewing members 

  • Dignity at work - Bullying and harassment 

  • Barriers to learning and engagement for members 

  • Understanding grievance and disciplinary policies - why all reps should know these! 

  • Understanding negotiations 

  • Developing a workplace project

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