Gatwick Rebuild Charter Logo from Howard v2

Gatwick Airport has been one of the worst hit airports in the UK due to the pandemic. Jobs and the quality of jobs are being eroded at a rate we have never seen before. 

However, given time and the right conditions Gatwick will rebuild. Unite wants to ensure that it is quality jobs with good terms and conditions that comeback to the airport as the passengers and profits start to return. 

Gatwick employers won’t just give us these improvements, we will have to win them. Having a strong union with active members is so important. 

Today we are starting a three week consultation with workers at Gatwick Airport to give you a voice in what the world of work should look like at Gatwick in the future. 

- zero hours a good thing?

- how much notice do you believe you should be given for re-rostering and shift changes?

- is there enough flexible working for parents and carers?

- do you deserve a just living wage or a thriving wage?

We will use the feedback from this consultation to draw up the ‘Gatwick Rebuild Charter‘ which will set out Unite’s vision for Gatwick post Covid.

Make sure your voice is heard and you have a say in the Gatwick Rebuild Charter consultation. 

Click the link below to take part

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