Limited Time Offer to our Members!

We have an amazing offer available to you our members working in the electrical sector! Working with Learning Lounge one of the UK's largest providers of 18th Edition training with a track record of learner success! This limited offer will allow you to gain the 18th Edition qualification free of charge!


Our 18th Edition Online Courses give you the flexibility to learn in a way that suits your learning style, knowledge and experience. Our engaging content includes hours of video where we take you to real world installations. We reinforce your knowledge and understanding by bringing the Regs to life.

We dissect the Regs Part by Part, delving deeper to enhance your confidence when applying them in your day-to-day working life.

1000s of electricians and other electrotechnical professionals have completed our 18th edition courses. We have a 100% pass rate and guarantee^ that you will pass your exam.

The pass mark of the formal exam is 60%. The average passing score of our delegates is over 85% demonstrating our commitment to driving up standards in the electrical industry. Complete our course and you won't simply learn how to pass the exam, you will achieve your City & Guilds qualification with confidence and gain insight and understanding applicable to your everyday work.

^pass first time or we'll give you a resit absolutely free.



Our courses also include unlimited access to our powerful exam simulator. The simulator randomly generates question sets from our massive database, weighted just like the formal exam.

The simulator also incorporates several built-in study aids which enhance your learning by providing further help and insight. These include a question splits indicator which shows how long you’ve taken to answer each question and highlights whether you’re on target to comfortably complete the questions in the allotted time - great for honing your exam technique.

There is also an option to turn on colour coded highlights which quickly help you to identify which part of the regs a question refers to - the perfect companion feature to our Flagtags - the quick way to mark-up and navigate your book and perfectly acceptable to use in your formal exam.

Once you’ve completed a practice exam, you’ll receive feedback which will highlight your strengths and weaknesses, helping you to save time by targeting your study.

Download the full course description here

To take full advantage of this offer courses MUST be completed by September 2022!

Please complete the registration form to apply to take part in this amazing offer! We will check your membership and get back to you.